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Reference implementations

GraphQL CRUD can be applied out of the box using

Reference Implementations


Graphback provides the ability to generate a schema that will be fully compatible with GraphQL CRUD and also connect it directly to Postgres, MongoDB and other datasources without writing any code.


Offix provides a reference implementation for delta sync queries and implements GraphQL CRUD on the client side.

Libraries that partialy implement GraphQL CRUD

This specification was built based on numerous community implementations:

  • AWS AppSync
  • Prisma
  • Hasura
  • PostGraphile
  • SQLmancer
  • TypeORM
  • GraphCMS
  • GraphQL CLI
  • graphql-serve
  • create-graphql

Relation to Relay

Relay ( provides similar capabilites to GraphQL CRUD. However, GraphQL CRUD takes a more lenient and less verbose approach to building GraphQL queries. Both standard are incompatibile with each other.