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Areas covered

This specification describes all aspects of a flexible GraphQL API suitable for relational databases.

Focus on API

GraphQLCRUD is a collection of specifications for GraphQL APIs that are abstracting from any database technologies. GraphQLCRUD is concerned with the API only and abstracts away the implementation. As such two implementations of GraphQLCRUD could choose to store data in different ways, but applications interacting with the data through the GraphQLCRUD API wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Schema Definition Language

Examples are used throughout this spec to show the final schema generated for a specific data model. In all examples, SDL (Schema Definition Language) notation is used to define the data model. The benefit of SDL is that it is database independent, so we can use the same notation accross all supported databases.


GraphQL CRUD does not specify how fields generated for each data type must be named. It is up to each GraphQL CRUD implementation to define a naming system. The reference implementation uses the naming convention as listed in the example queries.

Base schema

The specification is based on the folllowing two models. Any additional types will be directly referenced in the schema.

type Note {
id: ID!
title: String!
description: String
comments: [Comment]!
type Comment {
id: ID!
text: String
description: String
votes: Int
note: Note