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Find Operation

Find Operation

The find operation allows the client to fetch multiple objects from the database using filtering, sorting and pagination capabilities.


Boolean operators supported when filtering:

  • AND
  • NOT
  • OR

Matematical operators supported when filtering:

  • Not equal: '<>'
  • Equal: '='
  • Less than or equal: '<='
  • Less than: '<'
  • Greater than or equal: '>='
  • Greater than: '>'

String opperations supported when filtering:

  • Contains: 'like'
  • Starts with: 'like'
  • Ends with: 'like'

Capabilities not supported:

  • Sorting by multiple fields
  • Aggregation apart from counting

Example query

type Query {
findNotes(filter: NoteFilter, orderBy: OrderByInput): [NoteResultList]!

Input type for filter argument:

input NoteFilter {
id: IDInput
title: StringInput
clickCount: IntInput
floatValue: FloatInput
description: StringInput
and: [NoteFilter]
or: [NoteFilter]
not: NoteFilter

Input type for orderBy argument:

input OrderByInput {
field: String!
order: SortDirectionEnum = ASC
enum SortDirectionEnum {

To enable filtering by specific scalar fields, we can create individual input types for each scalar: For example, for the five built-in Scalars this could be:

input StringInput {
ne: String
eq: String
le: String
lt: String
ge: String
gt: String
in: [String!]
contains: String
startsWith: String
endsWith: String
input BooleanInput {
ne: Boolean
eq: Boolean
input FloatInput {
ne: Float
eq: Float
le: Float
lt: Float
ge: Float
gt: Float
in: [Float!]
input IntInput {
ne: Int
eq: Int
le: Int
lt: Int
ge: Int
gt: Int
in: [Int!]
input IDInput {
ne: ID
eq: ID
in: [ID!]



type Query {
findNotes(filter: NoteFilter, page: PageRequest, orderBy: OrderByInput): NoteResultList!
## Special type created as wrapper for pagination
type NoteResultList {
items: [Note]!
offset: Int
limit: Int
count: Int
## Represents page request
input PageRequest {
limit: Int
offset: Int