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CRUD methods

GraphQL CRUD defines different CRUD capabilities that represents various operations that can be executed on a set of objects:

  • Create: create an object
  • Update: update a specific object's properties
  • Delete: delete a specific object by its ID
  • Get: get a specific object by its ID
  • Find: find multiple objects

Input types

GraphQL CRUD defines common input type categories that can be used in various CRUD methods to define operations. For example, the Create operation will use a specific input type that does not require an object ID.


GraphQL CRUD defines different capabilities that developers can enable to modify what queries can be made against the service. Examples of these capabilities include:

  • Pagination: Ability to paginate content
  • Filtering: Ability to peform filtering on specific fields
  • Countability: Ability to count the total number of objects
  • Consistency: Ability to verify whether a write operation is overriding data


Apart from a reference implementation, GraphQL CRUD provides different variations of the provided queries and mutations that can be used for different needs.