Specification that extends GraphQL with common data access use cases

Standard for exposing data

GraphQL CRUD provides specification for common operations on top of the GraphQL. Giving developers out of the box patterns for accessing their data. Based on the data of public GraphQL APIs and patterns from major GraphQL providers GraphQL CRUD gives you ultimate guide for your common data access problems without bringing complexity or limitations to your workflow


GraphQL is a flexible query language supporting many different data access patterns. In practice, simple CRUD operations turn out to be a very common pattern. Standardising this very common pattern enables the community to build tooling specific to the common CRUD style API.

Patterns for GraphQL schema

Check specification for patterns and pick only those that will really work for your specifc database or business requirements

Flexiblility to adapt

GraphQL CRUD provides canonical versions and also other variants giving you overview for different approaches used in the most schemas

Reference implementations

Focus on your business logic and data and generate GraphQL CRUD compliant schemas in any language of your choice

Framework agnostic

GraphQL CRUD abstracts from large GraphQL vendors giving you flexiblity and ability to migrate without rebuilding your clients and resolves

Focused on productivity

GraphQL CRUD focuses on productivity by giving developers powerful query capabilities that are not specific to any GraphQL solution providers.